Happy Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day and I just sent my 1st grader off with her sucker embellished princess valentines. I am so amazed at the difference between her and her brother. I’m not sure if this is a male/female thing, or if they just have completely different personalities.

My daughter got her valentines last week and had them filled out with all the kids in her class’ names the same day. We did not have a class list so I asked her how she knew she had everybody a card. She responded by telling me that there are 20 kids and she has 20 valentines. Well OK.

This whole experience is so different from her brother’s days of making valentines (aka me making valentines). Beginning with the 30 minute stand-off at the store deciding which kind of valentines we would buy and ending with me staying up the night before trying to write like a 2nd grader because I was exhausted by the many attempts to get him to sit down and fill them out himself. Not to mention that if we had no class list, there was no possible way he would remember the names of even half the kids in his class. We just left them blank.

Today, in between dishes and laundry, I was thinking about those days when my son was young and how hard I thought it was and how I wished he would be a little more self motivated. I miss that now. My daughter is incredibly self motivated, and I spend my days dealing with drama. ( which I’m sure I’ll miss as well…maybe) But now that my baby boy is almost to high school, I sometimes wish he would just want my time like he used too. When he would try to make homework last for hours, just so I would sit next to him. I find myself in his shoes now, making tasks for us to do together last longer just so that I can spend a little extra time with him.

I hope this inspires some of you mom’s with little ones, especially boys, to try really hard not to get frustrated when they are playing with their pencils, gazing into space and trying to play, instead of filling out their valentines. Sit back, take a breath and just enjoy the time you have with them. You just might miss writing you child’s name like a 2nd grader.

Happy Valentines Day!!


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Back To School

First Day of School 2010

First Day of School 2004

Okay the kids are back to school.  I have to say it is a double edge sword.  Even though I greatly appreciate my peaceful days, I do miss the chaos that summer brings.  Since we spend our short two month break at our cabin, it is always hard to come back home to the heat and day-to-day regimen that the school year brings.

Now that both kids are in school and my oldest is in Jr High, school dictates our entire lifestyle.  What time we get up, when we go to bed, what time to have dinner, and most of all when we can take off for family time.  When our oldest was in grade school it was not a big deal to pull him out a little early or miss a day for a camping trip.  Now that he has entered the retched world of Jr. High, a period missed is a death sentence for his report card.  I actually considered homeschooling this summer, for like five seconds, and then I realized my six-year-old had not stopped talking for sixty days straight unless she was sleeping. 

So back to school we go.  As I do every year I took the first day of school picture and downloaded it on my computer.  Out of curiosity I went back to last years pics, and the year before.  I got a little melancolly looking at how much they have grown, especially my boy who will be fourteen in a few weeks.  I didn’t loose it like I did in Toy Story 3, but wiped a couple of tears. 

These pics are for all you moms getting ready for back to school.  Remember to hug them when they are little and hug them more when they get big.  Time goes so fast.


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Wing Wing Wattlesnake

You have to love it when your kids say something so funny that you just can’t repeat it enough.  Last weekend was Mother’s Day and I was at my sister T-Bird’s house on Saturday evening.   Her boys and husband had been out buying her gifts that morning, and she loves surprises.  Unfortunately her youngest, who is 5, can’t keep a secret to save his life.

Earlier that day when the boys returned from their shopping trip they all kidded that they had bought her a ‘rattlesnake’.  It was a big joke for them so that she would have no idea what they got her.  Soon after, the youngest had his dad’s bluetooth and was looking at it all googly-eyed when he said, ” MOM, I know what we got you for Mother’s Day, it’s something dad has and it goes with something else… Oh so tricky he is.  She quickly moved him on to something else now that her surprise was ruined so that his brothers did not know he had spilled the beans.

The best part of the story is when I arrived Saturday night, and in true form he can’t wait to tell me what they bought their mom.  I told him that it was a great gift, but that he needed to keep it secret until tomorrow.  Within the hour he sits in my sister’s lap and says ” I know what we got you for…” my sister quickly interrupts and tells him she doesn’t want to know.  ” I know, I know..”  he replies.  ” I’m not going to tell you for real… but we went to the phone store and bought you a wattlesnake!!”   

Gotta love it. 

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Does John McCain Like The Chicken?

A few weeks ago my husband decided to start a backyard BBQ team and enter the backyard division competition at the Chandler BBQ Festival.  Since he is what we term “all in” at anything he does, he practiced cooking the chicken he was entering for two weeks prior to the competition.  Needless to say this family was pretty sick of chicken by the time the BBQ competition arrived. 

Our BBQ team, Native Grillers ended up taking three awards in the backyard division, my husband Jon winning 5th place for his chicken.  I have never seen anyone get so excited about a 5th place award. Thus leading us to enter the next BBQ competition in Scottsdale last weekend, and yes two more weeks of chicken at our house. 

The Native Grillers entered in five categories and placed in three of the five, but the highlight of the day was that Jon’s chicken took 1st place in the backyard division.  ELATION for us all.  No more guinea pigs in this house.   Now that the recipe is perfect there was only on thing left to do.  Just as the competition was over Senator John McCain entered the festival and my husband couldn’t resist.  He filled a plate with his award-winning chicken and sent my son Jace on his way to get the Senators approval. 

Jace offers the award-winning chicken to Senator John McCain

Did he like the chicken???


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The Game

Okay so were off to the game!  3 boys…check, 3 bats…check, 6 cleats…check, 2 right handed mitts, 1 left handed mitt, 3 helmets, 6 gloves, 3 belts, clean pants, t-shirts, long red socks, 16 snacks and juice boxes for the team, folding chair…check…check…check, and don’t forget the water for hydration.   Hurry up boys, hurry up boys or your gonna lose a marble, we’re late!  Where’s the field…Where’s the field… WHERE’S THE @#%%$#* FIELD?????  Oh GREAT more team pictures at 8 but game not till 10 so just enough time for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because if you leave the ball park on picture day, you will never find another parking spot.  This picture thing just drives me crazy.  I have the cutest kids in the world but does anybody really need this many pictures?  All of the sports pics and I just received my third professional school picture envelope last week.  Is it just me or do you feel like a loser mom if you turn down the opportunity to get yet another picture of your precious child?  I have spent all my money on so many pictures that I can’t afford any frames anyway!  I sometimes just feel so exhausted with the entire process, but man, when I see my boys out there playing ball, it just melts my heart.  I just love THE GAME!  


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Flying Giggles and Lollypops Review and Giveaway

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Use Your Marbles – Rewarding Positive Behavior {Review and Giveaway}

Sometimes, as parents we need a little extra something to help us reinforce our children’s positive behaviors. Two Arizona sisters created a reward system for children – Use Your Marbles. The system was designed out of the frustrations with reward boards, stickers and other systems that were too much to follow through with. Use Your Marbles is a wonderful system because it is simple and hands on. Young children can easily grasp the concept, but yet, it is also great for older children.

How does it work?

Easy – just pour the marbles into the bag and each morning your child receives 4 marbles into their “Use Your Marbles” cup. Throughout the day, when your child exibits undesirable behaviors, they lose a marble and it goes into the “Lose Your Marbles” cup. The thing I like about this system is that they can earn these marbles back into their “Use Your Marbles” cup anytime throughout the day. Before bedtime, the child dumps the “Use Your Marbles” cup into the reward jar. Once they are in this jar, they stay there – do not take these away from your child. When the marbles evenly pass the reward line, they receive their reward. There are two reward lines on the jar, you and your child get to determine the reward and write them on the reward card. You can hang the card up for a visual reminder so your child knows what they are working towards.

We received a UYM (Use Your Marbles) kit to review. Aiyana already had an understanding of marble reward systems, but this one is much cooler and effective than the marble set and metal can we were previously using. We immidiately got started. She chose her rewards, the first line was a trip to her favorite park that has the “big slide” and her second reward was a little Mickey Mouse she has been wanting for her little Minnie Mouse. Along with writing her rewards, I also drew a picture of a slide and a Mickey Mouse head, these were both great visuals for my pre-reader.

I knew the most important part of the system was going to be consistancy and Aiyana quickly caught on that I was being consistant. I really wanted to reduce her whining, so we worked on using a “big girl voice”. The first day, she quickly lost her marbles and earned some back, but when it was bedtime she only had one left in her “use her marbles” cup. She did not like that and the very next day went much smoother. So far, this system has worked well with us and Aiyana really enjoyed her trip to her favorite park – knowing that she earned it made it even better!

Parents, instead of losing your marbles – Use Your Marbles! You can purchase a set for only $14.99 (available in different colors).

To get in on this giveaway please visit http://flyinggigglesandlollipops.blogspot.com/2010/04/use-your-marbles-rewarding-positive.html. Follow the instructions, good luck!!

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The Button Master

Yesterday I spent the best part of the morning trying to put a “button” on this blog.  I started off not even knowing what the heck a button was.  By the time I finished this task I have to admit I had a high that you can’t get from a shot of tequila.  A real sense of accomplishment.  I felt like I was ready to take on the whole web world one task at a time, all over this silly little logo on the sidebar….until I started trying to put a Facebook and Twitter widget on the Use Your Marbles web site.   Uh Oh!!  Get the Web Marketing for Dummies  book back out. 

All this made me really think about other people my age.  A little older than the techies, alot older than the multitaskers, but WAY too young to not know this stuff.  I am sure this is the generation all those “For Dummies” books were written for.  I have about six of them. 

Nothing about new technology comes naturally for me.  I LOVE to talk, and when the cell phone was invented I thought God had just sent a little gift from heaven just for me, but for the life of me don’t get the texting thing.  Communication for me is not just the information followed by “lol”.  I actually want to hear someone laughing when I say something funny.  I don’t want to take the time to type 25 words on miniature keys made for the hands of toddlers when I can say it in 10 seconds.   

I am on Facebook, and Twitter and all my friends think I am rude because I rarely post comments or pictures.  I don’t even download the pictures off my camera until I need the space in the memory card, and my e-mail still has 962 unread messages in it.  I am not that popular. 

I know all this technology is supposed to make life easier, but sometimes I think it is just an added chore.  I remember the days before call waiting, when you could only talk to one person at a time, and not for long because your little sister was pulling on the phone cord waiting for you to get off the phone .  Now she is waiting for me to finish this rant so she can log on and work on search engines.  

Off to read some more “Dummy” books….


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